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About us

Falcon Carwash introduces the first car wash for buses and vans in Europe.

Your company vehicle is the first thing people see, which means your van, bus or box truck will have to look clean and representative. You don't have the time to clean them yourself, the truck wash is open between 09:00 and 17:00 only and it is time-consuming and expensive too. For company vehicles that do not fit in a normal car wash, you can now use an efficient and affordable alternative that is open 24/7: Falcon Carwash. The first one opened in Rotterdam and there are more to follow soon.

Because of today's 24-hour economy and the enormous popularity of online sales, the number of smaller and medium-sized company vehicles has grown significantly in Europe. To date, there was no solution to wash all these vehicles efficiently and at an affordable price. After four years of development, Falcon Carwash now launches the first car wash in Europe that can be used for all types of company vehicles. The car wash was developed in collaboration with the largest car wash manufacturer in the world. After Rotterdam, other large cities in the Netherlands will follow, as well as Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and then the rest of Europe.

All company vehicles up to 3.20 m high
The car wash is suitable for company vehicles up to 3.20 m high and it offers various wash programs for smaller vans, box trucks and buses. The terminal also has settings for roof racks. Furthermore, there are different levels of wash programs, depending on the owner's or driver's preferences. A separate outdoor washing area is available for special or higher vehicles.


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Are your vans, buses or box trucks still washed manually?

That's far too expensive!

Falcon Carwash introduces the first unmanned car wash in Europe for your entire fleet. You can wash any vehicle up to 3.20 m high and 2.20 m wide just like you would your own passenger car: fully automated and professionally, using the best products available! Falcon is fast, secure, always open and a lot less expensive. Have a look at our competitive rates on this page!

  • Large outdoor washing area (up to 4.50 m!)
  • Industrial vacuum cleaner with tyre air unit and a dust blower
  • All popular passes and credit cards

falcon carwash

Unlimited washing for a fixed monthly amount from as little as €35.

You create an account in the name of your company and the registration number. You can then start washing immediately. The invoice is sent automatically. Want multiple company vehicles on a single contract? Please ask for a quote.

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Want your entire fleet on a single contract?

Ask for a customised quote!

If you have multiple company vehicles, we can wash all the accepted registration numbers on the same contract, without any limit. We are happy to contact you for a customised quote. You can also ask for a quote now.